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Galaxy Eyes

You don't need to have the best equipment, the most incredible skills or an outstanding knowledge about techniques to make art. For me, the most important things are: inspiration and love.

I mean, of course it’s important to know all those things. Knowledge is never enough and it’s obvious that having proper skills is essencial in many situations - just to make it clear. I, for instance, had photography classes during university (and I intend to take more classes in the hopefully near future). But once you love art and you are inspired, you most certainlyare able to pull off something fantastic, with pretty much any material available. You need to try new stuff and be passionate.

People can capture fabulous images with handmade pinhole cameras. Other guys can create the sweetest sceneries with nothing but colored paper. It’s even possible to express yourself with a mobile phone, only.

My point is…if you love art, just go ahead and do it!

There are so many options. Pretend you’re in the kindergarten for once at least. Grab crayons, different sort of papers, old cardboards, tapes, a camera (old, new, analogic, digital, a gazillion megapixels or a 1.3 mpx; it doesn't matter), brushes, buttons, anything that you think it’s fun to work with. If you don’t like these things it’s ok, try something else; there are loads of opportunities out there. Go dance, sing out of the shower, cook an unusual dish, doodle on a notebook, start a blog, whatever comes to your mind.

Art can be found everywhere! Speaking of which, pay more attention to the places you pass by everyday. Sometimes we overlook great things that are right beside us.

Now get up and be awesome.