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Created in 2011, Galaxy Eyes is all about colors, cheerfulness and natural elements. Inspiration comes mainly from a desire to explore the outdoors as well as the feelings and memories evoked by music. Our aim is to spread joyful artworks everywhere through high-quality and accessible products.

Galaxy Eyes' designs can be found online worldwide and in stores in Brazil, China, Emirates, Germany, Japan, Spain, Sweden and more (further info in the shop section). Our products have been featured on Apartment Therapy, The Cut / NY Mag, Marie Claire Netherlands, Design For Mankind, Creature Comforts, Design Milk, Casa e Jardim, Glamour, HGTV Magazine among other publications.

As a former member of The Artisan Group, an exclusive collective of artists who participate in high-profile events, we have had the opportunity to gift actors such as Ryan Gosling and Renée Zellweger and TV host Cari Cucksey. We have also participated in the GBK’s 2013 Primetime Emmys Gift Lounge, gifting members of the press and industry some of Galaxy Eyes' most popular items.




E X H I B I T I O N S 

CrowdArt, Brazil
July 2013
Art: "Summer Breeze"
Simultaneously in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Natal.

S E T    D E S I G N  /  O N  T V

Lar Doce Lar, Rede Globo - Brazil
July 2013 - Episode 63
Art: "Extraordinary"; "Home"
Project: Mauricio Arruda


Lar Doce Lar, Rede Globo - Brazil
September 2016 - Episode
Art: "Chamego"
Project: João Duayer and Thiago Tavares


Real World, MTV - United States
September 2016 - Season 32, Seattle
Art: "Sorbet V"
Project: Jeff and Sue

A R C H I T E C T U R E     E V E N T S

Campinas Decor, Brazil
June 2013
Art: "Love Is All You Need"
Project: Patricia Godoi


Morar Mais Rio, Brazil
September to November 2013
Art: "You Are What You Listen To"
Project: Andressa Fonseca


Casa Cor Campinas, Brazil
September to November 2013
Art: "On The Road"
Project: Amauri Fujii for The Coffee, itinerant coffee shop


Wohnen & Interieur, Austria
March 2016
Art: "Music Sounds Better With You"
Juniqe stand.


O T H E R   E V E N T S 

GBK’s 2013 Primetime Emmys Gift Lounge, USA
September 22 2013
A selection of products were gifted to members of the press and industry that attended the event
Los Angeles.


Special celebrity gifting events organized by The Artisan Group in Los Angeles, USA
Actors: Ryan Gosling and Renée Zellweger were gifted art prints and stationery items.


Fashion Rio Summer '15, Brazil
April 08 2014
Front-row guests were gifted with various art prints from Urban Arts' artists at the Ausländer fashion show.
Rio de Janeiro.


Fashion Rock Night, Brazil
May 23 2014
Artwork showcased at the event.
São Paulo.